The Southeast Louisiana Flood Protection Authority-East (SLFPA-E) and the East Jefferson Levee District (EJLD) is conducting a project to lift Lakefront levees from the West Return Floodwall in Kenner to the 17th Street Canal in Bucktown. Levee lifts will mitigate subsidence, account for sea level rise, and maintain levee accreditation.

*** UPDATE: East Jefferson Lakefront Levee Recreational Access ***

  • The All Weather Access Road (Pedestrian and Bike Path) is open, with the exception of three crossover ramps - immediately east and west of Causeway Boulevard, and at the levee's westernmost point in Kenner.
  • The crossover ramps must be lifted along with the levee to maintain proper elevation for flood protection and insurance purposes.
  • At the entry and exit points of the crossover ramps, pedestrians and cyclists, walking their bicycles, should detour using the concrete slope paving to the open path on the opposite side of the lakefront levee.
  • As soon as is safely possible, the levee district will re-open the crossover ramps. A tentative date of late April is being targeted.
  • Throughout the duration of the levee lift project, there will be recreational levee access at Bonnabel and Williams Boulevards.
  • At times, while work is ongoing, recreational users should expect temporary access restrictions, particularly in the vicinity of Causeway Blvd. and at the western end of the lakefront levee in Kenner.
  • Levee users should avoid fenced construction areas or risk being cited for trespassing.

    Lakefront Levee Lift Map